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one grid wall, white and pastel furniture keeps things bright and modern in this toddler's bedroom

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Grönt är skönt (Trendenser)

Elements for soft Swedish modern: aqua wallpaper, smoked oak, natural light, aqua grey upholstery. Wallpaper "Trapez by Arne Jacobsen at Borås Tapeter.

pigment wallpaper, borås tapeter

Boråstapeter, has recently launched a series of single-coloured wallpapers with a natural, matte finishing, named PIGMENT.

Dramatic Bedroom Ideas 10

30 Dramatic Bedroom Ideas

grönt sovrum

Green draws in our natural surroundings and evokes feelings of pure serenity. This colour can be both calm and exciting, a really dynamic mix.

Borås tapeter

Collection Borosan EasyUp 14 - Design by Boråstapeter

Pigment 7919, Boråstapeter

The arch has been a feature of architecture since ancient times and also a common ingredient in wallpaper patterns.