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In many Asian countries, people have believe that small feet of women are one of the most important traits that men looks for. Of course this is not really going on as seriously as 50 years ago. Here’s a picture of an old woman who used to wear 'lotus shoes' for appeal.

chinese woman's bound feet - beauty is pain, I guess.<-- it was a rule in China that the women had to wear small shoes so that they could have small feet

Massai. Elegancia natural todo él.

Africa 'Absorbed in preening', a young man with his hairline shaved to dramatize his forehead applies power to lighten his skin for the Yaake dance, when the women judge men on charm and beauty Page National Geographic October 'Niger's Woda


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Timing is everything5 Timing is everything

A Guy Walks Into A Bar.: The agony of defeat. Nothing like tripping and falling and hitting your head on the hurdle bar. The olympics are over for this guy.