Sweet Autumn Clematis....the scent is heavenly & gentle as summer winds down... a last kiss of summer before fall's trumpeted arrival

Planted a few of these this summer, I cannot wait until it blooms! It has grown leaps and bounds this summer! (Sweet Autumn Clematis on fence.a FAVORITE of mine.hardy, beautiful and it smells SO good)

Ofta står den bara där som en skamfläck i trädgården. Här är 14 fina idéer på hur du förvandlar din vattentunna till en snygg detalj som tål att tittas på!

MAKE IT AN ART PROJECT! DIY Rain Barrel Art A perfect DIY project for your garden. Save your money and take care of the environment too by harvesting water in a rain barrel. But not any rain barrel, do it in a painted, absolutely fabulous looking one.