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8 Great Beginner Yoga Poses

In this sequence, Naushon Kabat-Zinn shows 8 great beginner yoga poses. Each yoga posture includes alignment cues and notes about how to modify for a beginner.

6 Moves to Do in the Morning for TONS of Energy | Women's Health

6 Moves to Do in the Morning for TONS of Energy 's Health - womenshealthmagazine_FBPAGE_Women's Health__

Winter is coming! Organize your tights on hangers.

How to store tights. Organize them by color and tie them onto hangers to easily see them in your closet. Put together your outfit with matching tights and tie the tights with the outfit to the hanger. Okay, this is clever.

Breathing Tips For Running That Could Change Your Life

Original Pin : As runners we tend to focus on building our legs, strengthening our core, eating right and perfecting our running form. What we have most likely overlooked is the element most essential for any activity, our breathing.