Embla Samuelsson

Embla Samuelsson

Embla Samuelsson
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Craft of the Witch

70-talspunkarna Ebba Grön i fotoboken ”Station Rågsved” av Lars Sundestrand.

Ebba Grön i fotoboken ”Station Rågsved” av Lars Sundestrand.

I wish you were gay too, because you would still be here with us. And besides, I love gay guys, lol. #LGBT #LGBTPride

Story of my life, love ya Kurt!

Kurt Cobain 19

kurt cobain- 19 years old- arrested for spray painting "god is gay"

If any picture could make me nostalgic for my mispent youth, it's this one ;) -Leah

Drew Barrymore in her overalls, wearing dark lippy and a million daisies!

1990s grunge, beachy waves and bangs, great for portfolio

Photo 29 :In grunge look become very popular thanks to the influence of grunge rock . In this picture, Drew Barrymore in her grunge look, beachy waves and bangs, black leather jacket.


- ̗̀ saith my he A rt ̖́-

Hoy shit, i want her hair

this is pretty much what i wore every day of elementary school : ) and i will still rock stripes and overalls

Johnny depp + kate moss #back in the day

Net Image: Johnny Depp and Kate Moss: Photo ID: . Picture of Johnny Depp and Kate Moss - Latest Johnny Depp and Kate Moss Photo.

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The crop top trend can be a little intimidating. These style tips will help you feel confident wearing a crop top for the first time.