Rålambsvägen 48 / ph: kronfoto / Skandiamäklarna Kungsholmen

DEF: The relationship of parts of the same object WHY: In this picture everything is relative in size. The bed and couch are both similar in height and everything fits smoothly in the space provided

We are all too familiar with the interior stylings of blogger and designer Cassandra Lavalle, a.k.a Ms. Coco + Kelley. We've partied with her, toured her last apartment and fallen head over green heels for her chic styling. So the second we

Coco+Kelley's Bright Seattle Loft Tour

Fell so in love with this dream place.

If you have just moved into your first apartment. Congratulations, now you are really a grown-up. Many people often think of an apartment as temporary and don’t put it in much effort to decorate it. There are lots of ways to… Continue Reading →

Studio apartment with pretty pastels

Studio apartment with pretty pastels

Les petites surfaces du jour : Peace is here - PLANETE DECO a homes world

Scandinavian studio apartment inspiring a cozy, inviting ambiance. The Scandinavian minimalism comes often out of necessity: the homes are very small. This is why functional items have to look pretty - there is not much space for decorative items!

apartment goals

Small apartment doesn’t mean you have to downsize your decorating. You can get creative with the little space you have. If you live in a small apartment then this is the right post for you. People who live in small apartments… Continue Reading →

the bed

A perfect Swedish apartment with perfect storage under a cleverly concealed (from the room) bed