Petunias, lobelia, verbena

Purple morning glory and white flowers. the white flowers could be something like bindweed. the small white flowers could look pretty with red roses in a wedding bouquet

Clematis 'Piilu' is a clematis that produces two different kinds of flowers. In spring this variety has the most amazing double flowers, and in summer it adds to the profusion of flowers a second time but with single flowers. Such a picture in your garden! Also suitable for in a spacious patio planter with a climbing support. The Clematis 'Piilu' really should be in your garden! Height supplied approximately 25 cm.

Clematis 'Piilu' produces double flowers in spring, and single ones in summer. Grow in the ground, or in a spacious patio planter with a climbing support.

Old Galvanized Bucket. Beautiful with Begonias

Container gardening is so easy because you can use just about any old container like a bucket, old cracker tins, looking round your local thrift store can come up with lots of containers for plants.