Cheap DIY Pergola!

Make It! The Skilsaw Pergola

This will definitely be going up. I can dress it up with diy curtains and canvas strips across the top. =) You could throw some corrugated tin up for a roof, or grow vines on this~~~ OR BOTH!

trampsten - Google Search

DIY Leaf-Shaped Garden Stepping Stones: Here's a pathway of stone made with rhubarb and hosta leaves. No need to buy a mold, just turn the leaf upside down and use leaf as a mold.

Basen utgörs av långblommare som den vita pärleternellen i kanten, Achillea…

ptarmica Achillea 'The Pearl' in foreground - nyserøllike + farvecombo

Bla Rosenflockel, Echinacea...

Bla Rosenflockel, Echinacea...