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True !

Today's modern woman * Clean house * Healthy dinner on the table (at dinnertime) * Fit, trim & well-groomed * Works full time * Laundry done & put away * Great sex life * . pick any two

29 Ways to Be Creative ~ A great #infographic from @Meire Weishaupt with a variety of #tips on how to keep your #creative juices flowing.

Educational infographic & Data 29 Ways to Stay Creative. Image Description 29 Ways to Stay Creative.

Fun Science Activities for kids

Fun Science Activities for kids featured on Tuesday tots this week! Pinned now, discover cool trick ideas later.

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What This Guy Can Do With Cardboard Is Absolutely Mind Blowing

The Life of Dad: Passive Aggressive Lunchbox Notes (For Moms & Dads)-OMG. I'm dying. Piper only likes the fun stuff I put in her lunch. It's so frustrating when she won't eat her sandwich!

funny cartoon pet tortoise

Thursday Random Funny Pictures -