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Don't know where this whole otter and hedgehog thing started.but it amuses me, and this is adorable. - THIS IS SO CUTE! Also, the whole hedgehog and otter thing began when we saw that they looked like those animals. I find it cute and funny.

Sherlock and Mini Jawn.

I want a pocket Martin! they should make a Tamagotchi game where you feed John Jammy Dodgers and Tea.

How to be Best Friends with Sherlock Holmes

the-hedgehog-of-baskerville: “ Well, people seemed to like ‘How To Care For A Sherlockian’, so I decided to ask John Watson for an informative guide as to ‘How To Be Best Friends With. and so TRUE!

This is why I love Sherlock

- There needs to be more "John" in Sherlock's pie chart because let's face it, it actually takes up at LEAST half. And in Mycroft's Sherlock isn't even mentioned. He worries about him all the time.


Sherlock BBC: "Once upon a time there was a boy who the devil wanted to destroy, but the boy was clever and his mind quick, he could see through the devil's trick.

Awww he so happy XD

Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon totally rocks! Here's a list of Toothless GIFs that totally apply to every day life.