"Part craft, part toy, all fun! These superhero cuffs are the ultimate in toilet paper roll crafts!" ADORABLE!!! So fun!!!

Superhero Cuffs {Toilet Paper Roll Crafts}

Access denied Superhero Toilet paper roll craft - takes a bit of prep for the pop out shapes but after that it is a pretty simple craft for kids. Should you enjoy arts and crafts a person will appreciate this cool info!

Diy Satyr Costume Making digitigrade stilts

Diy Satyr Costume Making digitigrade stilts, but could be used for other things, like bird feet


Incredible metal armor for a genderbent Loki cosplay. Just beautiful. - 10 Lady Loki Cosplays I want this for no good reason

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Just use poster board instead of cardboard and there we go! (for my Captain America bulletin board) - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!