Emilia Saberski

Emilia Saberski

Emilia Saberski
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"Sätt in laxen i ugnen på 175 grader i 30 minuter. Toppa med mynta innan servering."

"Sätt in laxen i ugnen på 175 grader i 30 minuter.


This pin is similar to the first pin, it has those fine white lines that show the proportion of the bird. I like how it shows the original image and then it transforms into a pixelated bird. Low poly, looks like a fun or frustrating exercise to do.

Zebra made from triangles... 'geometric designs can even convey the most organic of forms'

Nacho Gil’s hand-drawn “Animals” have an aura of the century avant-garde art movement CUBISM. Who ever thought that the face of animal could be created into this amazing vector illustration without the usage of any digital media in the century?