10 Uses for Copper Pipe. I particularly like this TP holder for an industrial-modern apartment.

10 Uses for a Copper Pipe

Product News - Lee Valley Countersunk Washers - Woodworking Tools ...

Lee Valley's new Countersunk Washers solve the problem of screw heads splitting stock. The washer/screw combination applies force the same way a pan-head screw does, but is counterbored to a flush position. They're availabe in brass or stainless steel, in

seriously consiering a fabulous wallpaper for my bathroom! love it

Powder rooms, because they are stand-alone spaces hidden behind a door, are places to be a little extravagant - katie ridder rooms

JONSGÅRDEN : Badrumskommod från spegelbyrå

JONSGÅRDEN : Badrumskommod från spegelbyrå


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