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Emily Blixt

Emily Blixt
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airport bare shoulders baseball cap bent over black bra blue (pokemon) bra brown hair buttons capri pants chair chocogrotto closed eyes commentary crop top denim green pants hat indoors jeans long hair midriff multiple boys navel nose bubble

Touya & Touko & Cheren & Bianca & N & Deerling & Victini & Oshawott & Cottonee & Solosis & Tepig & Snivy

Today is Touya’s love ————— Reprint and Use without permission is prohibited.

hric25: “GIRLS ”

ass bag baseball cap beanie bent over bike shorts blastoise blue (pokemon) bow cabbie hat chikorita coat crystal (pokemon) denim denim shorts double bun drink full body hair bun hairband haruka (pokemon) haruka (pokemon) (remake) hat hat tip highre


Red, Ethan, Brenden or Brendan and Lucas with their starter Pokémon and others they've caught on their journeys and interacting together.

Decidueye is so beautiful and mysterious.. Its design overall is amazing, I absolutely love it.

Cartoon Network is the best place to play free games and watch full episodes of all your favorite kids TV shows with apps and online videos!

I adore u—

I adore u—