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15 Ways To Use Just ONE Computer in the Music Classroom

Only one computer? Following on from my 18 Ways To Use A Single iPad In The Music Classroom post, today I wanted to share some ideas for using technology with your students when you

4 strategies for effective duets PLUS free sheet music!

A free printable duet and tips to help your duet pairing to be a smashing success.

Piano Chords: Bring 'em to life using Passing Tones!

http://www.playpiano.com You can create motion in your songs by adding passing tones to your repertoire of piano techniques. Look for opportunities to add a ...

Rhythm Routine

When I first started working at a private school in Japan, I was not prepared to teach elementary music. So I had to sto...

Practice SLOW!

I just came across this article about practice habits and I plan on sharing it with my students: http://www.creativitypost.com/psychology/...

Fun Zoom Music Lessons for Distance Learning - Becca's Music Room

Distance learning stressing you out? Learn about some FUN Zoom music lessons that you can do tomorrow for your elementary music students.

Create STUNNING Music On The Piano (Using Arpeggios)

Arpeggios are an amazing way to create absolutely stunning melodies and music on the piano. But I didn't always think that way. When I was learning classical...

Rhythm Lesson

Here is a basic rhythm lesson using syllables and signs for each note value. Copryight 2012 Obie Leff http://www.singtolearn.com

Favorite Fall Activity

I have posted about this before, but I REALLY love the Pass the Pumpkin song/activity. This year, I came up with a new powerpoint for my fi...

Best Free Piano Lessons Learn to Play Left Hand Piano Arpeggios (1/2)

To all viewers (Dec. 2016): I've re-recorded this video with better resolution and audio! Just follow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QcirPr31Gi0 In this pi...

3 Ways To Instantly Sound Better On The Piano

The title says it all. Here are 3 tips that can make you sound instantly better on the piano. These are NOT really complicated and you don't have to be an ad...

The Yellow Brick Road Blog

The Yellow Brick Road Blog is a website dedicated to providing music teachers with fun education resources for serious music literacy.

Overcoming the Fear of Mistakes - Hoffman Academy

One of the surest ways to slow down progress and learning is the fear of making mistakes. Mistakes are an inevitable, even essential, part of life and learning. Think about how a baby learns to walk. Was anyone there to point out incorrect technique? Fortunately for babies, when they are learning to walk they don’t …

I Don't Teach Kids That Don't Practice

Do you have students who don’t practice? Does it frustrate you? In this show, I discuss why you should investigate further before dismissing these students.

Online Piano Lessons for Kids | Hoffman Academy

Discover your child's musical potential with Hoffman Academy's award-winning online piano lessons for kids. Start playing today! Perfect for kids 5+.