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Which one of the Supernatural guys do you think is the male version of you? We can tell you!

Lucifer was the angel of light and was beautiful but he rebelled and fell and became Satan. So he's still an angelic being. He's still a soldier just playing for a different team.

Awesome Supernatural gif.

Supernatural gif (images from Pac-Man Fever) - We know a little about a lot of things. Just enough to make us dangerous.<< the fact that the picture come from a moment where Sam couldn't shoot straight.

I got: Dean! Which Supernatural Character are you? Even if you don't watch the show just please comment what you got.

Sam loves Dean

Sam loves Dean, and Dean is super overprotective of Sam because he loves his brother right back :) it's what family does. So if anyone says that Sam doesn't love dean as much as dean loves Sam just read this post