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Photo: What the Signs Fall in Love With. I'm a Virgo.


There is some truth to this! I'm a cusp technically so the Virgo "bleach" applies more than Libra "glitter" and mozzarella sticks mos def for my daughter!

Mars in Libra...

Mars in Libra.


Zodiac Turn-Ons by thebluestchu These fit a Virgo so well.

I say no if I am or I ask why I would be. I'm cancer

I'm Sagittarius but I'm always mad jokes on u

The Signs and Being Drunk, tex, funny; Zodiac Signs

ZODIAC SIGNS and BEING DRUNK. Being a cusp Cancer/Leo - true, I can drink like a fish (I've even said it);

the signs + Badlands songs

the signs + Badlands songs Mine Capricorn . Check out urs .

Zodiac Signs in Love

Romance is not an exact science, and it can be hard to determine the “proper” way to love someone. However, by knowing more about the astrological signs, you


Zodiac elements and behaviors

#Scorpio Cheat Sheet by Astrology.com #astrology #horoscope interesting

A cheat sheet for Scorpios