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Emma Lindkvist
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art deco interior design | Art Deco Home Interior Design Ideas With Black And White | - Love the chrome accents on shower door and mirror

The art deco style is more present than ever today. People are interested in this centubry’s style and usually design their bathrooms this way. But what is the art deco actually? What do you need to make your bathroom in this style?

From office worker to interior stylist, I'm the girl who's gate crashing the interiors world and making a pretty awesome mess in the process.

If you& anything like me, you LOVE the Art Deco period. But there is more to Art Deco than the Great Gatsby! Get the basics of the Art Deco period nailed in less than ten mins in this post.


This symbol is all you need to tell the world you’re proud to support equal rights between men and women.

13 Must- Know Acrylic Painting Techniques for Beginners

Partially Mixed Acrylic Paint Mixing acrylic colors is fairly simple: Combine colors and mix using a palette knife. But once you’ve mastered color mixing, you can explore some more creative methods