DIY Wine-Barrel Porch Light*I want a set of these need to find me some barrels

Enkelt och dekorativt. Funkar säkert bra med mossa + hyacint.

Frosttålig jul

t bra med mossa + hyacint.


15 Ways to Use Ornamental Grasses in Your Landscape

Add Texture to Beds and Borders Ornamental grasses add unique texture to the landscape. Soft, mounding grasses such as fountaingrass look great with plants that have a bolder texture, for example

Dresser as a planter

Old dresser used outside to hold plants. Old dresser used outside to hold plants. Old dresser used outside to hold plants.

Beautiful and fragrant - you make the finest Christmas decorations yourself - Comfortable home

Vackert och väldoftande – du gör de finaste juldekorationerna själv

How To Make A Star Wreath - evergreen branches wired to a star form made from limbs. ** I'll bet cedar branches would work just as well & smell just as wonderful! Nice idea to decorate the fence!

grasses, etc

Stairs made of landscape ties designed by Judy Kameon, as was garden bordering them. My favorite garden designer!

Visst är dessa fina. Marie och jag gjorde dem till ett jobb ett par år sedan hos en god vän Jeanette. Ett enkelt sätt att liva upp en entré till jul (och vinter).    Bollen är gjord av året runt -grön

DIY – gröna dekorationsbollar (Blomsterverkstad)

Green, the color of nature is relaxing, fashionable and beautiful. It creates a calm and cozy décor. The colors green and white also have religious connotations. They signify the hope we have for eternal life offered by Jesus.

Stump + Flowers

Recycling tree-stump for planter and decorating with flowers .this is really a terrific idea! The only thing I need to know is what do you use to hollow out the tree stump so I can fill it with soil?

Christmas outdoor decoration

Apples on the tree


planter made from old chest. Maybe use the whole old chest of drawers we where planning to burn?

When you strip down to a brick wall, it is good that the bricks coat with transparent varnish or varnish in color.

Marinas trädgård

Using a concrete bowl (made from a rhubard leaf) as a succulant plant holder. Would be lovely as a bath or food holder för birds.

Fågelbad. Lägg en virkad duk i en plastpåse och dränk in den i matolja. Lägg den sedan ovanpå en kulle av sand, täck med betong och till sist med plast. Vitlasera och torka av.

Tip: soak doilies in oil for easy release

New Wonderful Photos: Secret Reading Spot

Secret reading spot by the, if i just had a pond.

Vitt och grönt

Introduce subtle color in the garden: white, green & grey.

Crazy trees

easy DIY Xmas trees w/ extra branches of pine trees. looks like grinch hat.