Design: Nike Karlsson / IKEA

for the spot in front of the counter with the bar stools Fauteuil collection "Stockholm", IKEA - Marie Claire Maison

GLADOM Brickbord - vit - IKEA NYHET GLADOM Brickbord, vit 199 kr / styck (159,20 kr exkl. moms) Priset avser vald färg/utförande. Artikelnummer: 703.378.19 Storlek 45x53 cm

GLADOM Brickbord, mörkgrön

IKEA - GLADOM, Tray table, white , You can use the removable tray for serving.The tray’s edges make it easy to carry and reduces the risk of glasses or bowls sliding off.The surface is durable and easy to clean, since it’s made from powder-coated ste