BMW Advertising - 宝马寒冷天气轮胎宣传册 >>样本手册>>顶尖创意>>顶尖设计 Calgary Marketing agency

Although the inside layout is quite static and plain as their common layouts, the interactive cover intrigues the viewer to open the packager to see what's inside. The illustration used is very bold and eye-catching.

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Serious advertising

Another smoking poster, this one highlights the potential effects of smoking: You get lung cancer. Though simplistic, this poster really paints a clear picture of what really happens as a result of smoking.


The Outdoor Advert titled SMELL TREE was done by J. Walter Thompson Frankfurt advertising agency for product: Listerine Mouthwash (brand: Listerine) in Germany.

Via Israel, 2006. | 11 Brilliant Ads That Don't Need Any Copy

Heniz Hot Ketchup ad: "I LOVE this ad. Unlike with many, many other overdone ads where “hot” is the reason to buy, this one shows only a slightly exaggerated scenario, and so is much more powerful. It reminds me of the great Mad Men print ads of the

This is a good cause marketing ad

If you pay a prostitute youre financing human trading Advertising and Marketing Guide by Dr Prem

Alaskan Brewing Company #print #adv Art Director: Theo Mark Allen

Creative Alaskan Brewing Print Ads by Art Director Theo Mark Allen. Ice Fishing, Snowmobile and Dog Sled.

Doli Allergie | #ads #marketing #creative #werbung #print #poster #advertising #campaign found on pinned by | Take a look at

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