CREATE BEAUTIFUL EBOOKS FOR IBOOKS®, KINDLE®, AND NOOK®  Whether you’re publishing your first book or your fifteenth, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to create beautiful eBooks with Vellum.

Vellum: Create Beautiful eBooks for iBooks®, Kindle®, and Nook®

Pubcoder: The interactive digital publishing tool

Rizzoli Libri lancia Le Grandi Fiabe Narrate in ebook -

Jutoh makes it easy to create ebooks in popular formats that you can sell on many ebook sites, including Amazon's Kindle and Apple's iBooks.

Jutoh is a tool to easily create ebooks in formats such as epub and mobi

Ebook Glue. Let's make an ebook.

Ebook Glue Website - very simple / straightforward and easy to understand what the company does. A site to emulate.

FlightDeck: Taking The Pain Out Of eBook Formating

Project Runeberg growth 2003-2013 with dashed lines for two predictions

Project Runeberg has already copied many of these older, freely available books, sometimes adding our own OCR text, and made it possible for volunteers to proofread that text.

Ebook flight deck! Ebook QA platform

Ebook flight deck! Ebook QA platform

eBook production: backwards from epub to InDesign

Put Humpty Dumpty back together again with this delightfully geeky solution!

MobileRead Forums

MobileRead - the resource for mobile geeks seeking information and advice for keeping their gadgets happy.

International Digital Publishing Forum

Today's ebook signing services and apps not only make digital signatures are possible, they show that digital autographs can be valuable relationship-building tools for authors.

UUID generator

UUID generator