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Artist Journal, Carbon Obscura, Lloyd Godman

I feel like I could take a few different things from this image (shadows, the diagonal lines,etc).

POcle - Loves (by Domus) by Candas Sisman

Light installation by Candas Sisman. The installation is done in a container that is suspended with several strong light sources, lenses, a convex mirror, a fog machine, and a sound system that give way to an extraordinary experience.

jun ong embeds five-storey glowing star within unfinished building in malaysia

Malaysian artist Jun Hao Ong constructed this bright LED star that appears to shoot through the floors and ceilings of a concrete building as part of the 2015 Urban Xchange public art festival.


x x Audiovisual installation by Noemi Schipfer & Takami Nakamoto, Installation presented by AXCESS ART at Fowler Arts.

Schering Stiftung – Vernissage und Künstlergespräch Li Hui – Cage

Li Hui cage - explores individual boundaries and demonstrate how people are influenced by purely optical though physically irrelevant barriers.