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How to fold a pocket square

Don't forget about the stylish men's pocket square for their wedding suits. Fold all of the groomsmen's pocket squares the same or with different folds for an eclectic look. Step by Step of the square fold, throw, and one point fold

The Truelove Knot man's neck-tie

By Eliot Truelove: The Truelove Knot forms a weave similar to a basket, and in doing so it forms a & or & with the center of the weave being in the center of the tie. I named the tie after my last name, & It can also be called the T- Knot for short.

Ediety Knot aka Merovingian Knot.  How to video.  Learn how to tie this necktie knot for your wedding.

Black pinstripe suit with a pink tie tied in an Ediety Knot, aka Merovingian Knot.

A beautiful, visual comparison of necktie knots at     Not all knots are created equal. Size, symmetry and shape can vary greatly from knot to knot and all should be taken into consideration.

A Visual Comparison of Necktie Knots I tie all of my husband's ties. men in ties are hot. maybe spicing up a tie would make him more likely to wear one

Wedding Suits Decoded

mens suit styles explained - collars, cuffs and suit cuts. Everything a groom needs to know for wedding day attire.

¡Sé tú misma el día de tu boda! <3

16 Non-Traditional Wedding Outfits For The Fashion-Forward Bride

A Fashion Designer Bride And Her Childhood Sweetheart Groom. She wears a gold silk wedding dress and grey hair. Photography by Ashton Jean Pierre

Victorian Steampunk Wedding

Victorian Steampunk Wedding

The Style System - what to expect when you sign up for this course #menstyle #tips #college #wardrobe #menswear

Style System April 2013 – Registration Closed Robert and I have the same body type I think, inverted triangle.

Victorian Cutaway Coat - Black by Gentleman's Emporium (

Victorian Cutaway Morning Coat - Black Wool

Navy blue 3 piece suit, taupe tie and brown belt

Classic Three piece suit with a touch of rich orange thin belt. I love adding color to an otherwise monotoned outfit.but also fun!