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The channeling myth is actually children with autism

To this day, “autism warrior mommies” talk about autism “stealing” their “sweet normal child” and have this idea of “getting their real baby back” which (in the face of modern science) indicates how the human psyche actually does deal with finding out

together, forever ♡

Stan who are the softest sweetest and always comfort their fellow members without them saying ❤️

This is so clever and the pictures are really interesting.

Funny pictures about Bittersweet Double Self-Portraits. Oh, and cool pics about Bittersweet Double Self-Portraits. Also, Bittersweet Double Self-Portraits photos.

~ Entonces Jonghyun y Taemin lo llevaron a otro nivelar por completo ... Por favor, sé amable contigo pobres Taeminnie ㅠㅠ

These boys push the limits of bromance a little, and they've done some shocking things on stage. Here's some of the most intimate moments of k-pop boys.

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