Drömmarnas trädgård innehåller minst en hängmatta - Sköna hem

En hängmatta i trädgården – det blir inte mer sommar än så

Backyard hammock plus tree lights makes magic. I will buy my home and plant two trees for my hammock in the first summer! Backyard hammock plus tree lights makes magic.

After the New Year begins, I am so over the cold and snow...spring cannot get here soon enough!...

Pine Cone Hill Giveaway! (House of Turquoise)

Source: Bo Bedre

The interesting angles in attics can be advantageous for a multi-bed space. Klarvasser, LLC can build this for you.

Swedish wallpaper Fjärsman from Duro

Duro wallpaper ~ Old swedish wallpapers and borders from the Rococo period to the created by the skills of craftsmen.

Photo: Sara Landstedt Styling; Johanna Pilfalk Interiör, interior, countryhouse, lantställe, pastell, pastel, pastels, soft, interiordecorations, old, bedroom, bed, lamp, bedlinnen

A pair of matching nighstands add just a subtle touch of symmetry to this eclectic attic bedroom.

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