Hand cut Dura- lar, latex caulking, and steel. "It's always happening right now even after, by Mindy Shapero From my Patterns and Texture board


I love this suspended stairwell. Hanging down from the ceiling it's perforated side screen creates porosity between here and there. The stair users drift past like 'ghosts from above'.

White Brown Tail ~ Euproctis chrysorrhoea ~ Moth

An angel's wings here on earth. ✿ An almost pure white Brown Tail ~ Euproctis chrysorrhoea ~ Moth ✿

I like this, because white rings sit together, you get a sense that there is a white swan.


This is basically the free time we all look forward to… Beach, glamorous makeup and high heels extravaganza. It’s also better known as a “white-free-shir…

* b e d r o o m *

The gorgeous home of a Danish novelist