rain shower

These Dream Light Rain Canopy shower heads are truly luxurious. They provide a large rain shower with the added benefits of chromatherapy in a rainbow of colors.

dramatic half bath

dramatic half bath…WOW this is an AMAZING small bathroom @ Pin Your Home (idea, have 2 light switches or a dimmer. One for the soft light like the picture for baths and relaxing.

cool kitchen

Industrial Chic in Melbourne: The Outpost Dining Room

sweetestesthome: “ That brown & green tile floor! Located in South Yarra, in an emerging neighborhood near the train tracks, the newly opened Outpost Dining Room is attracting a new wave of diners.

Use tape to give your washer and dryer new life.

27 DIY Ways To Give Your House A Quick Pick-Me-Up

Helt enkelt | Inredning – Foto – Inspiration

Ljus i vardagsrummet och vita golv

Candles in glass boxes - perfect combination of cozy and contemporary. Using flameless/electric candles for this would be a good idea to not have to worry about melting wax oozing into the bottom of the glass box and onto the other decorative objects

mirrored tiles are so chic

Mirrored tile- too obnoxious for powder room? Could be really cool as accent wall behind sink with cool mirror hung over it and super dark walls in rest of room.


Winding River Wet Bar Sink Let The River Flow Its not exactly holy water, but having a wet bar in the man cave can be a religious experience of sorts.* Faucet and sink combinations transform home bars.

Aquarium Coffee Table $629

Coffee Table Fish Tank, Fish Tank Coffee Table This coffee table aquarium glass made ​​in the UK and comes with a standard warranty, built in

DIY Wine Storage Racks

DIY Wine Storage Racks: pretty sure this is an old ammo box, great idea

What a beautiful laundry room! Use matching baskets to organize laundry room necessities. Removable cloth liners protect the baskets from spills and can be washed as needed to keep them fresh.