Praktisk eldstad som till en början är smidig att laga mat på. Ju längre den brinner desto finare blir den med glöden som kommer fram mellan springorna.

How to: Make a Swedish Flame

This is called a Swedish flame. Make your cuts like you're cutting cake, leave about 6 inches at the base, throw about a cap full of fuel oil in it. It burns up to two to three hours Can use olive oil instead of fuel oil :-) Any oil will burn!

Lär dig göra en apnäve.

Monkey Fist - I remember making these at Girl Scout Camp and again (on my own) in high school. I still have some of them hanging around.

Ordna en pappersflygplanstävling!

Paper Airplane Target practice - This would be an appropriate quick break or earned time activity. Middle school boys always want to throw planes. Would need an "airport" to store the planes in.

Lär dig göra en knop för att kunna bära flaskan på ett smidigt sätt under vandringar.

This ancient method of forming a sling for the neck of a jug or bottle this knot was described in detail by the Greek physician Heraklas in his first century book on surgical knots and slings.The bottle sling knot has been around for centuries.

10 tips för att inte frysa när du sover utomhus.

10 Survival Visual Tips and Tricks

How to Sleep Warm. Keeping warm is essential during emergency/survival times. Here are some great solutions to staying warm.

Gör ett skydd för tummen som passar i samband med täljning.

Carving Thumb Guard

A simple leather thimble useful for carving.ummm leather craft or woodworking board!

Gör en skuggfigursföreställning. Varför inte gestalta en bibeltext?

Groundhog Day Activities for Toddler & Preschool

Kids would sure have fun learning these.reminds me of nighttime in tents with flashlights at Girl Scout camp!

Exempel på olika fågelmatare.

Easy Biodegradable Bird Feeders

Easy Biodegradable Bird Feeders, great ideas on website, I love these and gives a list of what birds eat what bird food.