Tips på flera samarbetsövningar och lekar utomhus!

5 summer relay games for family reunions

Have guests split into teams of three and give them 15-20 balloons and a pair of pantyhose with the openings at the feet. One person wears the pantyhose on their head; the fastest team to blow up all balloons and stuff them into the pantyhose wins.  Get the tutorial at Party Games Plus.  -

17 Christmas Party Games Your Guests Will Love

Tips på flera samarbetsövningar!

Hula Hoop game -- This game is easy, classic, and fun! Even up teams. One hula hoop per team. Each team stands in a line, holding hands. The goal is to be the first team to get the hula hoop from one end to the other end without braking the link.

Som volleyboll fast ändå inte! Klicka på bilden och skrolla ner på sidan så finns en förklaring och en film hur spelet går till.

Volley Square • Team Building & Group Games

Volley Square-a crazy blend of Volleyball and 4 Square. It's like 4 Square in the Air. Fun for all ages, sets up quickly. Can play inside or out.

Tävla om vem som kan bygga högst torn med hjälp av spaghetti och marshmallows.

Master the secret of building a REALLY tall spaghetti and marshmallow tower. Here’s some tips on how you can build a science prize winning spaghetti and marshmallow tower.

Skapa ett quiz på och låt deltagarna tävla med hjälp av sina mobiltelefoner.

Kahoot is a website that can be used as an interactive game link to test the class game show style

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