Just about everybody recognizes the classic lines of an Adirondack chair, and would like to have one or two somewhere in their outdoor living space. And why not? These chairs look great and are very comfortable. As you’ll find out with this plan, an Adirondack chair is also easy to build. Get the free DIY plans at buildsomething.com

If you truly are seeking superb suggestions regarding wood working If you love performing a bit of woodworking everywhere, what far better time to obtain your designed on with power tools, projects, motivation, inspiration and tips!

Anna Truelsen inredningsstylist: Vakre hjem juni 2015

A Beautiful Boat House Near A Lake In Norway. Love the cactus in the bucket.

8 Awesome Outdoor DIY Projects for Kids

Awesome Outdoor DIY Projects for Kids

Varför inte satsa lite extra om du ändå tänkt bygga ett utekök. Med indraget vatten och avlopp blir det ännu roligare att laga mat i det fria!

In regards to designing an outdoor kitchen, the point is to make a general social hub’ that encourages interaction and makes an enjoyable hangout. An outdoor kitchen can become surprisingly c…

Drömmer du om att laga mat utomhus i ett utekök? Så här byggde Felix och Eugenia sitt utekök steg för steg!

Se hvordan du bygger utekjøkken steg for steg - viivilla.