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1 Life of Pi 2 Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street3 HarryPotter: The Goblet of Fire 4 I Know What You Did Last Summer 5 BrokeBack Mountain 6 Pearl Harbor 7 Cinderella 8 Thor 9 Planet of the Apes 10 Titanic 11The Devil Wears Prada 12 Eat, Pray, Lovee 13 ET 14 The Ring 15 Edward Scissorhands 16 Forrest Gump 17 Charlottes Web/Babe 18 Kungfu Panda 19 27 dresses 20 Kiss of a Dragon/Lost in Translation? 21 Ninja Turtles 22 MIB 23 Happy Feet 24Josie's Juice: Guess the movie as emojis…

Movies as emojis… how many did you guess? These are (said to be) the answers, below … FULL ANSWERS 1 Life of Pi 2 Sweeny Todd: T.

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