Black Green and White! Charming deck terrace and love the gravel and wood! Schwarzer Steg zur Pergola im Garten

"Läktartrappor", breda och höga steg, med vanlig trappa intill.

træterrasse i flere niveauer design dine egne hynder og få dem lavet hos os www.

An example of steps cut in and then wrapping steps but I don't like the details of this one. I think I prefer the softer look of a little overhang of the surface boards.

A big sauna with a huge window looking out on the forest and the outdoor hot tub that's big enough for many people to warm up from the cold. This could also be used as a cold pool for dunking after sweating in the sauna.

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solavskärmning till inomhusmiljö (stående takribbor)

Any budget can incorporate shade features to extend comfort on the deck!