Erik Andreasson

Erik Andreasson

Erik Andreasson
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Beautiful Fairy Tale Architecture From Norway

I want to exist as the wind and fly over these places and just live my breezy life in their company Beautiful Fairy Tale Architecture From Norway. These places seem so cool to go to

Philip Crangi (how to wear a beard)

^^Can wait until the day that I can grow this. Curse you men in my family. why have you passed on the inability to grow a sick beard? Wilson Whatcha think?

style 2010 04 spring 10 point plan necklace philip crangi portrait

Browse the most popular beard care and grooming products. There are two kinds of men. Those with beards, and those with bigger beards. Grow a beard.

Out with the scarf : a light color shirt [cream]would hold it all toghether. With the scarf: dull.

Oscar Jacobson If I can look as cool and current as this when Im older Ill be a happy man! This is sure to be how I'll dress at