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30 day abs and squats challenge.

12 Awesome Body Detox Tricks Squats and abs // In need of a detox tea? Get off your teatox order using our discount code on www.

Stability Ball Exercises

30 Best Stability Ball Exercises for Beginners

I need a stability ball. A stability ball is a great addition to standard workouts as they help core muscles to activate. Core is what supports your posture and daily functions, but often overlooked and underutilized while working out.

-30 Day Squat Challenge

The Lorna Jane Squat Challenge: Be Motivated To Move This July

30 day squat challenge - A little less squats per day in this particular 'challenge' , but the general idea is the same- increase the # a little every day.and make sure to take rest days.

30 day challenge

30 Day Ab & Squat Challenge - Tone up your abs, thighs, and butt with this 30 day fitness challenge that will boost your overall fitness and give you some serious results.

Wow! This is what I wanted. Much, much, much better than the other one on pinterest. Plug in your measurments and it does a very accurate model. Online creation of personalized virtual 3D models

Fill in measurement values in the Optitex online model creation to visualize your Weight Loss Simulator / Virtual Model

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