Wooden Ruler Growth Chart, or shrink chart for older adults... maybe in the studio for ribbon?

Eat Your Veggies: Growth Charts

A great Father's Day gift that enables dad to chart the growth his kids or grand children with this 'Kids Rule' Wooden Ruler Height Chart Mid Oak. Wish I had thought of this year's ago!

Pennhållare, förvaring för pennorna vid skrivbordet i barnrummet

Hanging cans are a great way to store pens and pencils to clear up any office space! or in shop to store pens, pencils, drill bits, just let your imagination run wild

amazing boys room. love the idea of the bed below for ease of tucking in, and the play area up top!

A Super Sporty Shared Space On The East Side

I wonder if Tim can build a Rock wall in the basement playroom? Then the boys will have an excuse for climbing the walls!


Pin Christmas Cards up on Christmas lights instead of twine or string. For Christmas Card Display. I like this for kids art display also !

www.gardsromantik.se - J rostig bokstav plåt 2 storlekar 30/50cm

www.gardsromantik.se - J rostig bokstav plåt 2 storlekar 30/50cm

Doptavla "Litet mirakel" pojke

Doptavla "Litet mirakel" pojke