Don't look back; look forward.

Just because the past didn’t turn out like you wanted it to, doesn’t mean your future can’t be better than you ever imagined.


Replace life with God and this is so true.sometimes God doesn't give you something you want, not because you don't deserve it, but because you deserve


Quote by Rita Mae Brown. One of the keys to happiness is a bad memory. Why do you think mothers ever have a second baby - the memory of the first labor and delivery gets very hazy quotes-inspirational-spiritual-drunken-musings

Karma is sitting on your couch, finally happy with all you have been through and came out better for it! So I will always know that my ex is being driven insane by his "new" interest. And knowing she will always have to keep tabs on him because he cheats and cannot be faithful. Hey Sweetheart, you think you have hit the jackpot, oh you have trust me! BAHAHAHAHAA K A R M A!

:nod: Each of us has the freedom to choose between doing good or evil, but must assume the consequences because Karma has no deadline.sooner or later . Karma has no deadline.

Your story isn't over yet

The semi-colon appears where a sentence could end, but instead it goes on. This is becoming a symbol for suicide prevention. Don't use a period in your life; use a semi-colon. You have more to say, your story isn't finished.

Whatever makes you feel bad, leave it. Whatever makes you smile, keep it.

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Kan du älska mig som trottoaren älskar förloraren? Håkan Hellström

Kan du älska mig som trottoaren älskar förloraren? Håkan Hellström