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Erik Bosten-Stenman

Erik Bosten-Stenman
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Back to the Future.... They actually predicted something!

Back To The Future’s Prediction…MIND BLOWN! Disney now owns rights to Star Wars and are possibly making more movies. Not including that he traveled to the year of 2015 and the Star Wars movie is so posed to come out then!

Box from Birka (BJ639).  Huvuddelen av beslagen, handtaget, låset och överfallen monterade på rekonstruerad kista. Felande beslagsdetaljer ersatta med grönlaverat papper. På några av beslagens stift finns textilrester.

Coffer, partly reconstructed Wood and bronze The original mounts are a grave find from Björkö, Adelsö, Uppland, Sweden. SHM 639 Object from the exhibition We call them Vikings produced by The Swedish History Museum

Haha, the ocean is a strange place

SO amazing. the ocean is literally the final frontier. Forget space, if we have only explored of the ocean, why in the world are we exploring outer space?>>OK but the ocean is terrifying I'm not messing with that nope nonononono not happening nuh uh

If planets were in the place of the moon…

Funny pictures about If Other Planets Were In The Place Of The Moon. Oh, and cool pics about If Other Planets Were In The Place Of The Moon. Also, If Other Planets Were In The Place Of The Moon photos.