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A few years back, Doug Gray was interested in incorporating his digital photography into his clay work. He tried decals, but it wasn’t the look he was afte

I love the surfaces of Jason Bige Burnett& pots. They remind me of the Sunday newspaper cartoon transfers I (and probably a lot of you out there) used to

Glazeitorium: Cone 10. Oribe #4. Custer Feldspar 30.5. Whiting 20.5. Silica 34.7. Ball Clay. 14.3.    Copper carbonate 8.

In order of tiles 570 Stoneware Soda (Black and White Slip) Porcelain Electric Porcelain Soda (Black Slip) Oribe Custer Feldspar .

Selbstgemachter Bücherständer - sehr cool -- “This Homemade Star Trek Vulcan Salute is Ideal for Fans of the Series”

It’s no secret we’re big Star Trek fans here at Geek Decor. And it’s no secret that Our Nerd Home is really, really good. It’s a fantastic site. So when we found this DIY Star Trek Hand, we had to post about it.

10975 (600×1200)

10975 (600×1200)

Carol Bell Centers and Throws 13 Pounds with the Strong Arm

Carol Bell from Turk Hill Craft studio demonstrates the Strong Arm. She easily centers the clay with the tool and proceeds to create a large and beautiful fl.

Spouted bowl.

it's wrong to generalize but god for me the japanese really know their shit when it comes to aesthetics.creamer * pottery * moegi片口 大 - 器と暮らしの道具 OLIOLI