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Even Superman Wants To Be Batman! haha because batman is so fuckin Butch

This funny piece of geek art created by Deviant Art artist Agustinus, features Superman striking a pose while wearing Batman's cape and cowl. I love Batman's hand reaching in from out of frame to snatch it back.

Giant Bunny - I've wanted one of these bunnies since I first saw one on Martha Stewarts old show.

The Flemish Giant It’s a rabbit. More importantly: It’s a dog-sized rabbit. The Flemish giant is a domesticated rabbit breed centric to the Flemish region. Originally bred as century pets, the Flemish giant can reach weights of 28 pounds.

Bunnies get close to the camera to make it easier to document their cuteness - September 15, 2014 - More photos at today's Daily Bunny post: !

dailybunny: Bunnies Get Close to the Camera to Make It Easier to Document Their Cuteness Thanks, Steph and bunnies Stew (brown) and Dusty (gray/white)! More at today’s Daily Bunny post!