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In the Central Highlands Vinh Son 5 is an orphanage on the outskirts of Kon Tum Vietnam.
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Kon Tum

Crickets caught to be tortured by some young boys at the orphanage.

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There are no modern comforts at the orphanage. Children find what ever they can to play with.

young orphan girls form friendships that last until they leave the orphanage.

The kitchen is a room with a wood fired stove in it. The sisters of the orphanage do the cooking for the children. Here one of the sisters comforts one of the orphans while making dinner.

Kon Tum

Foreigners are a treat at the orphanage and the younger children clamor for their attention knowing these people are passing through. No one really ever stays.

Kon Tum

The children have very little in the way of comfort and compassion from adults. Alliances and friendships are formed for various reasons.

Kon Tum

The girls have a harder time living in the orphanage. Physical and emotional abuse is common. They have learned to stick together for protection.

Kon Tum

Every night the children of the orphanage shower and then pray before dinner.

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