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Collection by Stella

The 64 tetrahedron - 144 triangles of glass. Presented as a lamp, in a full moon custom made stainless steel stand. Contact us for inquiries.

Tetra Matrix - 64 Tetrahedron

The Tetra Matrix is a large geometric pendant light made in Australia by renowned geometric artist, Asaf Zakay. Each piece is carefully hand-crafted, with the designs incorporating the principles of Sacred Geometry, bringing light and balance to your space.

1925 perfume presentation by De Marcy, fittingly called L’Orange Variee. It came complete as a peeled orange of painted composition, holding 8 glass vials of perfume

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Perfume bottle consisting of eight enameled glass bottles as orange segments, set in painted ceramic holder. (ca. 1925)

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Wilfried Grootens » Artist

Glass artist Wilfred Grootens was born in Uedem a small town in the German countryside near the Dutch border At the age of 15 he began training as a glass and porcelain painter with Hein Derix in the nearby town of Kevelaer where he apprenticed for four years The Derix Company specializes in the restoration of antique painted stained glass windows the creation of largescale painted glass architectural installations and mosaic projects In 1973 Grootens left Derix Company to begin an eight…

Paintings Suspended in Layers of Glass by Wilfried Grootens - Art People Gallery Art Of Glass, Glass Wall Art, Fused Glass Art, Mosaic Glass, Stained Glass, Illusion Kunst, Illusion Art, Sculpture Art, Sculptures

Floating Optical Illusions Created through Brilliantly Painted Layers of Glass

Glass painter Wilfired Grootens is an artist from the German countryside with a very unique style. Using delicate swirls and tendrils painted onto

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Seulgi Kwon: AJF Artist Award Winner 2014

Seulgi Kwon was the Artist Award winner in 2014, and I have to say she has made very good use of this award by participating in numerous exhibitions and events. In fact, I can’t believe she isn’t staying up all night every night with all her obligations! This is just what we hope happens to all our award winners … not the lack of sleep, but the many opportunities! See what she

Eleonore Delisse Day & Night Light is a design-forward lamp for light-box therapy. Body Clock, Verre Design, Displays, Deco Design, Design Design, Interior Design, Modern Interior, Lamp Light, Mood Light

Lamp That Eases Seasonal Affective Disorder - Design Milk

A modern, 24-hour light that mimics the body's internal clock to help ease seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and help rebalance our internal cycles.

Mellow Vases: A Story of Blending Light Office Space Design, Office Interior Design, Color Trends, Design Trends, Epoxy Resin Art, Latest Colour, Glass Texture, Furniture, Packaging

Mellow Vases: A Story of Blending Light

Design studio Hattern is a trio from Seoul creating two-tone acrylic vases inspired by Impressionism. The aim is to elicit same effect of a changing light

I have to figure out how these are made because I want a decorative jar full. (he's like a transparent jeff koons/damien hirst hybrid; Modern Art, Contemporary Art, Instalation Art, Pharmacy Design, Gcse Art, Conceptual Art, Sculpture Art, Pop Art, Artsy

Gallery The Collectibles, Chairman Mao

Mauro Perucchetti - The Collectibles - Pieces of Mauro Perucchetti's art include Chairman Mao, Luxury Therapy and Garden of Eden

WUM: Miami took great visual delight with Carlos Cruz-Diez' installation at the Miami Art Museum Op Art, Light Colors, Colours, Neon Colors, Neon Nights, Neon Aesthetic, Light And Space, Exhibition, Light Installation

Miami took great visual delight with Carlos Cruz-Diez' installation at the Miami Art Museum

Photo Credits: JMRT 2010 For three months at the Miami Art Museum, Carlos Cruz-Diez exhibited "The Embodied Experience of Color," an ext...