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Doctor Who: Regeneration 1963 - 2013 (HD) All the regenerations, I like 8 - War Doctor and Smith to Capaldi the best.

My favorite compilation of the regenerations. Doctor Who: Regeneration 1963 - 2013 (HD) - Video Dailymotion

Love this track, great track to have as Smith's regen

To Save The Doctor Murray Gold Doctor Who - Series 7 (Original Television Soundtrack) The Name of the Doctor A triumphant arrangement of Gold’s Gallifrey theme, which starts to be become a motive for The Doctor’s past in The Name of The Doctor.

What is cunting fuckity are you looking at?

Matt Smith leaves Doctor Who in a blaze of glory as Peter Capaldi makes first appearance as Time Lord (with a Scottish accent)

Matt Smith (eleventh doctor) and Peter Capaldi (twelfth doctor).  Doctor Who.  Regeneration,

A time-traveling alien over 900 years old has plenty of things to teach us.