Green is such a positive color, isn’t it? It reminds people of new growth, of bright warm seasons, of fresh air—and that’s so necessary as fall (and then winter) begins to creep in. Green, especially hunter green, is also surprisingly neutral, so you can use it in a variety of ways without looking like Kermit …

It's no secret that dark interiors are becoming more and more in focus. This elegant Swedish apartment has been artfully home staged for sale as part of the new Kajtorget Dalénum project.

Silver contemporary Mandara wallpaper

Vita plankor tapet

Vita plankor Tapet


Boråstapeter | Flora 5474 | Jubileum

Flora Wallpaper from the Borastapeter Jubileum Collection, with wildflowers printed in rich green, red, blue and yellow on a dark grey ground.



New England-tapet, rofylld för fondvägg.

New England-tapet, rofylld för fondvägg.

Boråstapeter Ingrid Tapet

Borastapeter Ingrid Dandelion Meadow Wallpaper - Blossoms of Queen Anne's Lace stand out against the background of the Borastapeter Ingrid Dandelion Meadow Wallpaper like clouds in the sky.


This black and white tree mural will sweep you away with its majestic birch trees. Surround yourself in the beauty of nature. Feel the serenity it adds to a room.

Panoramatapet 86836: Skog Grön fra Sandberg - Tapetorama

Skog Wall Panel - An ethereal wall panel featuring a woodland shrouded in green mist.