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Eva Lundgren

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Tips & Tricks for Visiting New York - amazing advice for tourists and visitors planning their next trip! #thenaturalizednewyorker

Pentagram has created a useful map with a great design. Never find yourself lost around New York City again! #present

~Whether you are a resident or just visiting, these apps will help you get the most out of New York City | House of Beccaria

Never been-and since I am going soon-it might help to know where I'm headed...

Ruta perfecta, se le añade lo poco que falta...y a quemar zapatillas en la gran manzana...


Make a giant Christmas wreath out of a hula hoop and eucalyptus for some rustic and modern holiday decor!

Creative and Inspiring Modern Christmas Candles Decorations Ideas

I rearranged them after they fell asleep.