Add shelves to our cubbies


best space for out the door stuff, shoes, backpacks, keys. everyone in the family has their own space-"mud room "

This is so unbelievably cool! I would love to redo a room like this for the grandkids!

Who doesn't like a cozy little nook to sleep in? This design makes great use of the space allowing enough room for 4 people to sleep, each with their own private quarter. Great idea for a guest house or cottage bedroom.

Déco Noël 2014 // Idées pour une décoration tendance pour les fêtes

Myshörna med stil

"I definitely want a nook. A nook with a door. Nook, I like the idea of this in a playroom. Seems like it could be pretty versatile as you, your family, and style change

En gammal beprövad idé från förr. Något husarkitekter kunde använda sig mer av även i nyproducerade hus. Förvaring, sovplats eller lekplats

Swedish summer cottage with darling bed nook, painted a soft deep blue for perfect dreams. I may have been Swedish in a past life, I love this little Swedish cottage so much.