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Fascinating article: Grandma's Experiences Leave a Mark on Your Genes Your ancestors' lousy childhoods or excellent adventures might change your personality, bequeathing anxiety or resilience by altering the epigenetic expressions of genes in the brain.

Fader okänd och FamilyFinder DNA-test

Learn how ethnic DNA testing can measure your geographical and racial heritage, including native American, African American, and Jewish ancestry.

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Hur viktigt är det biologiska ursprunget?

25 million women lack easy access to infertility clinics. That's 40 percent of reproductive-aged women, according to a new study.

Orcadian? - Jag är ju svensk?

Orcadian? - Jag är ju svensk?

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Do you have Swedish heritage? If you are curious about your swedish ancestors and your family history, genealogical research can give you answers.

Kan man vara mer släkt med farfar än farmor?

Rationales, not rules: How a bucket of marbles helps improve a school

Multipla släktskap kan trassla till det...

Don't you hate those ugly tangles of spare cables? Eventually, we all end up with drawers or boxes full of cable spaghetti. And good luck if you actually n

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Gene Jury - DNA Databases resources development page

Skåne eller Skottland? Världen är ganska liten ibland...

A Small World . by Strobi-wan on SoundCloud

5 skäl för ett DNA-test

5 skäl för ett DNA-test

Sex snabba tips för Family Finder

Sex snabba tips för Family Finder