Rooting plants in water in glass vases.

The New Floral Trend You Have to Try

Ooh must try this! The simplest, most beautiful floral trend: rooting plants in water. All you have to do is snip a plant at the base of a leaf and place it in fresh spring water in a glass vase.


pilea perperomioides (chinese money plant) Available from North One Garden Centre London - Gardening Gazebo

Palettblad - Solenostemon scutellarioides

Easy to root just in water, keep your favorites over winter, warm sunny window. (plants in the house decor)

potted figs/trädgårdshallen | medina lind.

The simplicity of the rustic pots matched with the white background lets these plants shine!

the tiger & the house

Un air de printemps Tant Johanna Photos Anders Mark Junger Styling Joanna Laskey pour Ikea Livet Hemma