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Köttfärsgratäng med bacon och tomat

bacon cheeseburger casserole - This casserole has beef, bacon, cheese and pickles. Dig in and enjoy!

Fatbombs med lakrits och havssalt - lchf

Fatbombs med lakrits och havssalt - lchf


A strain of wolves in Canada was able to mate successfully with both coyotes and other strains of wolf, and a hybrid was created that now ranges over the east coast of Canada and the US. It is a highly adaptable, freakishly intelligent canid.

Wolf pack walking down snowy path

I can't believe there are idiots that hunt these beautiful creatures. Let nature balance itself. Humans always screw it up. But I know that the wolf will win!

Having fun in the water!!!

Do we ever really stop to think about how amazing this world is? Just look at the elephant! A huge, gray skinned animal that can shoot water out of its nose and trek for miles across the dessert in summer