Fashion is all about your personal style and what makes you comfortable, so stay confident and rock it!

10 Fierce Quotes About Being a Woman

Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it. Parents think if they give their children everything they want, they're doing them good. Instead teach them how to have self-confidence. That will take them much farther in life.

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Kom ihåg: > So far you've survived of your worst days. You doing excellent.

when any of this seems too hard, when I feel like I am too tired, when i am scared of fucking up and ruining everything I have to remember that I can't fuck up, i can ruin, i can't be too tired if I am living to feel alive. God damn it.

Living each day until I feel alive again. You called me love. It made me feel.many things. Alive sums it up nicely.